Our Projects

  • Location: Chandigarh, India
  • Status: Completed
  • Area: 5000 sq. f


The Modern Bungalow Oasis is an exemplary residential interior design project that embraces the essence of modernity while infusing each room with unique pastel colors to create a distinctive and inviting ambiance. Incorporating arches, softer edges, and custom millwork for furniture and panelling, this bungalow emanates a warm and welcoming aesthetic. The interior design is rooted in the modern style, characterized by clean lines, sleek furniture, and a minimalist approach. Emphasis is placed on functionality, open spaces, and a sense of uncluttered simplicity. Arches and softer, rounded edges are integrated into the design, imparting a welcoming and gentle aesthetic. The Modern Bungalow Oasis is a reflection of contemporary living, where each room's pastel palette and unique design elements harmoniously blend to create a cohesive yet individualized atmosphere. The use of arches, softer edges, and custom millwork elevates the design, making this bungalow a modern haven with a welcoming and personalized touch.