Our Projects

  • Location: Sonipat, India
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Area: 5400 sqft

Shankar Residence

Shankar Residence is an architectural marvel that embodies the modern style, featuring a unique and aesthetically pleasing design achieved through the arrangement of various sizes of cubes. The massing of the residence utilizes these cubes to create captivating interior spaces and an innovative exterior design. The ground floor houses a clinic, while the first floor contains the residential portion, showcasing a double-storey frame that acts as a pergola space. The ground floor is dedicated to a clinic, offering a functional space for medical services. This ensures a clear segregation of the functions, with the residential portion located on the first floor, enhancing privacy and convenience. Cubist-style balconies and terraces are integrated into the design, extending from various cubes. These outdoor spaces provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy the surroundings and create a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. Shankar Residence is a testament to modern architecture's creativity and innovation, showcasing the potential of cubist design in creating a visually stunning and functional living space. The careful arrangement of cubes, integration of a clinic on the ground floor, and incorporation of pergola spaces demonstrate a thoughtful and sophisticated approach to modern residential design.