Our Projects

  • Location: Ludhiana, India
  • Status: Completed
  • Area: 8000 sqft

Ludhiana Bungalow

Ludhiana Residence is an exceptional architectural project that emphasizes the infusion of natural light and ventilation into every corner of the residence. The design features two distinctive faces framed with black and white metal sections, giving it an exclusive and modern look. The exterior cladding incorporates off-white tiles on the ground floor and Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) on the upper levels to reduce visual weight. A spacious balcony with greenery adorns the front facade, perfect for hosting parties and entertaining guests The residence is designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, featuring ample openings strategically positioned throughout the structure. Large windows, glass doors, and expansive openings ensure a well-lit and ventilated interior. The front facade boasts a spacious balcony adorned with greenery, creating a delightful space for outdoor gatherings, parties, and relaxation. The integration of greenery brings nature closer to the living space, enhancing the connection with the outdoors. Ludhiana Residence is the epitome of modern living, integrating natural elements, technology, and design principles to create a welcoming and stylish residence. The use of ample openings, metal framing, varied cladding, and the inviting front facade balcony make it a unique and aesthetically pleasing architectural project.